The Very, Very Late 2010 MMO Recap (Part 2)

Part 1 is here, including a note about why April is the best time to review what happened about 16 months ago.


Real ID Card Mockup from

Social networking: making games more fun through the removal of personal privacy since 2006.



Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures logo

SOE seemed to launch this title very quietly in September.



All Points Bulletin - Ninja Turtles Costume

I've wondered how hard APB would have been hit by IP violation-related cease-and-desist actions, if it had lasted longer.


And next: a recap on my predictions for 2010 and what I expect to see in 2011. What’s left of it, anyway.

4 thoughts on “The Very, Very Late 2010 MMO Recap (Part 2)

  1. Hi there,

    Noticed a trackback to my write-up and wanted to see what you wrote. This is rather comprehensive! I bring you hot cocoa and a shotgun for this article! 😀

    -Victor Stillwater

    • No problems at all. I liked your look at the Square-Enix share price shift because you at least looked past the initial “OMG a guy on a forum said he was selling his stock and then the price went down!” vibe that a lot of other sites limited themselves to.

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