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Marvel Heroes: Facing Legends, Alliances and Devils

One MMO story that very quickly subsumed by recent events was that Marvel Heroes (MH) actually released some real information about itself. Headed by Diablo developer David Brevik, Marvel Heroes will be a Diablo-style MMO… just like Gazillion’s other output, the now-closed Fortune Online and kid-oriented Super Hero Squad Online. Looks like Gazillion has a … Continue reading

An Update That Promises Further Updates

So NCsoft’s Q4 2012 earning results are out now and although City of Heroes / Villains saw an increase in revenue after going F2P, it isn’t the huge jump you might expect to see. This could be one of the reasons why Paragon Studios has made the move of introducing variable ratio randomised rewards you … Continue reading

Reading the MMO Tea Leaves for 2012

In previous years I’ve spent a lot of time reviewing and writing up a year’s worth of Massively.com / other MMO sites news articles. Although this is very useful from an information point of view (particularly the “oh, I’d forgotten about that” articles) it takes a very long time. So, this year I’m still doing … Continue reading

The Trials of UnSub: Super Hero Squad Online

Gazillion continues to confuse me. According to some sources SHSO has officially launched and is now taking player money, but there is no big announcement of launch on either publisher Gazillion’s main site or on developer The Amazing Society’s site (but go look at The Amazing Society’s site, because it has a very clever home … Continue reading

Gazillion’s Marvel MMO: As Written by Bendis?

An event of mixed importance is happening on Thursday: Gazillion and Marvel are going to announce the main writer of Gazillion’s Marvel MMO project (which I’ll call Marvel Universe Online, or MUO, for simplicity). Hints are being given out if you are subscribed to the right twitter account (which I wasn’t), but the early favourite … Continue reading

The Very, Very Late 2010 MMO Recap (Part 2)

Part 1 is here, including a note about why April is the best time to review what happened about 16 months ago. July: Star Trek Online Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich leaves both the title and Cryptic Studios. Capcom’s Xbox Japan- and Xbox 360-only MMO Monster Hunter Frontier Online tops the sales charts in Japan. Activision … Continue reading

John Needham Crosses Universes: From Cryptic to Gazillion

I actually missed the first part of this story since I was travelling: fan favourite pinata Jack Emmert has become Cryptic’s new CEO after John Needham chose “to depart the company to pursue other opportunities within the games industry”. Said opportunities are becoming the CEO of Gazillion. An interesting move, and one that leaves Gazillion … Continue reading

Marvel Universe Online: A Gazillion to One Shot?

In my previous post on Gazillion’s Marvel Universe Online, I ended with the comment “… if it comes out.” In my opinion, there is still a strong chance MUO isn’t going to appear for the fourth time, with the one reason being Disney and the other reason being Gazillion. My Superpower is Cynicism As a … Continue reading