John Needham Crosses Universes: From Cryptic to Gazillion

I actually missed the first part of this story since I was travelling: fan favourite pinata Jack Emmert has become Cryptic’s new CEO after John Needham chose “to depart the company to pursue other opportunities within the games industry”.

Said opportunities are becoming the CEO of Gazillion. An interesting move, and one that leaves Gazillion with a CEO (Needham), President (David Brevik) and Chairman (Rob Hutter), which is a lot of fancy titles at a studio without a major release to their name (now that Lego Universe is owned by the Lego Group).

The other comment worth noting was Needham saying that Gazillion’s aim was to  “create browser-centric, free-to-play games” instead of client-based MMOs. If I were waiting for Jumpgate: Evolution, I’d be concerned about what that meant for the development of the game compared to the original version; if I were waiting for Marvel Universe Online (which I am) I’d wonder what that means for this title full stop.

One thought on “John Needham Crosses Universes: From Cryptic to Gazillion

  1. Well that almost eliminates Marvel from coming from those guys all together. And will add yet another company I can avoid as far as game purchases go. After the major disappointments from Cryptic and SOE. The head Cryptic guy going to head Gazillion will make me very apprehensive about buying a Gazillion game.

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