Marvel Heroes: Facing Legends, Alliances and Devils

One MMO story that very quickly subsumed by recent events was that Marvel Heroes (MH) actually released some real information about itself. Headed by Diablo developer David Brevik, Marvel Heroes will be a Diablo-style MMO… just like Gazillion’s other output, the now-closed Fortune Online and kid-oriented Super Hero Squad Online. Looks like Gazillion has a type that it is sticking closely to.

The announcement trailer is below, but between that and the IGN pre-release puff piece I’m just not getting particularly interested in it. Yes, it will be free-to-play, but I really wonder what will make it a more engaging title than Marvel Ultimate Alliance or X-Men: Legends, or something I’d want to play over Diablo 3.

… and I have no particular interest in playing Diablo 3, but if I was to play an isometric dungeon-crawling loot-hoover game, I’d be looking to play the best of breed. To date, none of Gazillion’s outputs have fallen into that category.

I’m not a particularly hard sell about superhero video games, but I’m struggling to muster much excitement about MH at this point.

In an attempt to not be entirely negative here: kudos to Gazillion / Secret Identity Studios for looking like that the driving event in MH isn’t going to be an alien invasion. Yeah, it’s Doctor Doom, but reality-reshaping plans is something he’s got a bit of practise at.

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