Pick A Winner!

Here’s a hypothetical for you:

You’re an investor with US$100m burning a hole in your pocket. You absolutely have to invest that money in an MMO. (Why? That’s up to you – all your investor friends are doing it, you’re under an ancient gypsy curse, you have brain damage, whatever.) If things go wrong, you’ll lose all your money, but if you pick the right one you could possibly earn up to 10x what you have put in.

A range of different MMO studios have come to you and pitched their next project to you. All have pitched at about the same level of performance, so that isn’t going to sway your opinion. You can only pick one studio to invest in.

Do you go with:

Who would you pick as the best bet for your US$100m investment?

19 thoughts on “Pick A Winner!

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  5. Id invest it into Portalarium immediately. I was wishing i could have bought stock in Origins while I was waiting for UO to come out, and If I could buy stock for Portalarium, id pickup about about 5K worth right now (assuming the wife would let me.. If not, Id only be able to do about 500.00 :()(I was investigating doing this last week, saw it was a private company and stock options go to employees, so that was that.). I dont have the kind of funds to invest in the company, but if I did thats where I would put it. Wether you agree with Richard Garriott’s ideas or not, the mans failure rate is so low as to be almost non-existant. If your betting on horses, you bet on the one that wins the most. Lets face it, he wins the most.

    • I don’t entirely disagree. Garriott appears to have taken things back to basics, which requires a lot less capital to pull off. (You may have noticed that a common theme in all of these collapses are that the title takes too much money to develop for it to recoup that cost.)

      I’m not sure he and his team will produce a title that interests me, but he’s gone back to being in full control and that’s historically where Garriott has done his best work.

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