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Pick A Winner!

Here’s a hypothetical for you: You’re an investor with US$100m burning a hole in your pocket. You absolutely have to invest that money in an MMO. (Why? That’s up to you – all your investor friends are doing it, you’re under an ancient gypsy curse, you have brain damage, whatever.) If things go wrong, you’ll … Continue reading

Spammers Say The Nicest Things

My post on the unholy crossing of gaming journalism and celebrity journalism obviously triggered some sort of spambot spider sense – I’ve received about 20x more spam on that article than I have anything else I’ve written. And the spammers were so nice about it. “Great post!” they’d say. “You am really am are professional … Continue reading

The Creepiest Video Game Character in History

In honour of Halloween, it’s time for the creepiest video game character in history. Who could it be? Alma from the FEAR series? The Long-Armed Man from Fatal Frame / Project Zero? Doorman from Silent Hill 2? Nope. It’s Watson. Yes, Watson, as in “Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson”. Don’t believe me? Feast your eyes: … Continue reading