Spammers Say The Nicest Things

My post on the unholy crossing of gaming journalism and celebrity journalism obviously triggered some sort of spambot spider sense – I’ve received about 20x more spam on that article than I have anything else I’ve written. And the spammers were so nice about it.

“Great post!” they’d say. “You am really am are professional in this toipc!” they’d go. Many bookmarkings were promised and apparently I’ve provoked a lot of thought among the spambot community.

I appreciate the social engineering in these spam attempts. We all want positive validation of what we do, so a post that says how much they like what has been written is nice to get… even if you know they don’t mean it and are just trying to achieve better search engine results.

I deleted all that encouraging-if-oddly-phrased spam. I’m only interested in comments from real people… who, if my search results are to be believed, find the blog when searching for the term “pimp slap“.

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