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Spammers Say The Nicest Things

My post on the unholy crossing of gaming journalism and celebrity journalism obviously triggered some sort of spambot spider sense – I’ve received about 20x more spam on that article than I have anything else I’ve written. And the spammers were so nice about it. “Great post!” they’d say. “You am really am are professional … Continue reading

Blizzard Has Sent You A Friend Request

Blizzard recently implemented its own social network application called RealID, which launched as a totally optional adjunct to World of Warcraft. Two weeks later and the indication is that “totally optional” actually meant “compulsory with the launch of the Cataclysm expansion“. The reaction to this move hasn’t been positive, with a lot of the criticism … Continue reading

The Future of Twitter

Twitter is a social media and, like all social media, people struggle to come up with ideas to make money from it. Twitter is also a broadcast media, with a permission basis – someone broadcasts something and followers have signed up to see that broadcast. Hashtags helps people find tweets on a common topic. So, … Continue reading