The Trouble With Cats – Batman: Arkham City’s DLC Issue

A close-up of Batman from Batman: Arkham City

Batman approves of legalised gambling. If I'd won the money from illegal gambling, he'd break both my arms.

Having won some money on the sweeps from the Melbourne Cup, I went off and bought a copy of Batman: Arkham City. I was fully aware that a new copy of Batman: Arkham City came with a code that unlocked the Catwoman sections to play through.

I enter the code fresh from the box.

“This code has already been redeemed.”

I try again, just in case I put the wrong letter in the wrong place.

“This code has already been redeemed.”

Looks like it’s an issue others have also encountered.

I don’t care that B:AC comes with a DLC code, but I do expect it to work first time. A quick flick through the “manual” didn’t reveal any obvious help services, so I guess I’ll have to track down Warner Brothers Australia and see what they do about it.

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