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City of Titans: I Disbelieve the Illusion

City of Titans: I Disbelieve the Illusion

City of Titans has launched its Kickstarter and has been fully funded. Although it offers an attractive dream of brining City of Heroes back, it isn’t going to get anywhere near what it is promising. Continue reading

DCUO: Up, Up and Free-to-Play

As expected, Sony Online Entertainment have announced that DC Universe Online is going free-to-play (F2P). Starting in October – roughly 9 months following the subscription-based launch of DCUO – players can get back into Gotham and Metropolis with no money down. I could point and mock and make fun of some of the patently ridiculous … Continue reading

DCUO: The Power of The Green

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) had its fan gathering recently and used it (as they typically do) to announce new content and features to those in attendance. DC Universe Online got its own announcement – the Green Lantern-based “Fight for the Light” expansion, with new powers, new areas, new missions, new costumes and probably some other … Continue reading