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City of Titans: I Disbelieve the Illusion

City of Titans: I Disbelieve the Illusion

City of Titans has launched its Kickstarter and has been fully funded. Although it offers an attractive dream of brining City of Heroes back, it isn’t going to get anywhere near what it is promising. Continue reading

Reading the MMO Tea Leaves for 2012

In previous years I’ve spent a lot of time reviewing and writing up a year’s worth of Massively.com / other MMO sites news articles. Although this is very useful from an information point of view (particularly the “oh, I’d forgotten about that” articles) it takes a very long time. So, this year I’m still doing … Continue reading

Reviewing My 2011 MMO Predictions

Time to see how right I was back when I wrote the following predictions about how things would turn MMO-wise in 2011. F2P titles continue to enter the market and other existing MMOs are likely to join them. Warhammer Online is a distinct possibility, as are titles in the position of Vanguard and Fallen Earth: … Continue reading