The Very, Very Late 2010 MMO Recap (Part 1)

A Note of Explanation

At the end of 2010, I wrote up a recap of the year’s MMO-related events for a particular site, as I’ve done for a few years. Given that it’s now almost May, I don’t think that site is going to use it, but I’m really loathe to throw out all the work. So: I’m recycling it here because 1) recycling will save the planet and 2) I’ve barely had time to write anything else.

For Those Who Came in Late

A recap of notable 2010 MMO events, using as a convenient source of information. It has been split into two parts – January to June and July to December – to make it slightly easier to read.

Not covered: lots of things relating to Asian F2P titles; general puffery, hype and fluff around MMOs in general. If something important has been missed or incorrectly covered, I’ll fix the list based on comments made.







All Points Bulletin / APB ad

Whoever does own the city didn't own it for very long post-launch...

UPDATE 26 April 2011: Part 2 of the above article is up.

4 thoughts on “The Very, Very Late 2010 MMO Recap (Part 1)

  1. Good list, thanks for compiling it.

    I’d forgotten SOE said they wouldn’t be going F2P with EQ2 just a few months before they did so, no wonder the implementation felt somewhat half-baked.

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