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Rise from Your Grave, Gods and Heroes

In a curious bit of news, Heatwave Interactive have bought the MMO properties (including game and middleware tools) of the defunct Perpetual Studios and are planning to bring Gods and Heroes back. This makes sense – Perpetuals MMO toolset exists and was good enough for Bioware to option it on the MMO they were working … Continue reading

The Laziest Star Trek Online Review EVAH.

It belongs to The Independent. Let’s review the review (so it’s fair use for me c’n’p it below): “The launch of a MMO is always beset with woes. Glitches, lags, server meltdowns and unfavourable comparisons to World of Warcraft tend to be the norm, and Star Trek Online is no exception. Despite the hiccups, though, … Continue reading

Looking Back At Advice on a Star Trek MMO

Way back in the dark mists of January 2008 Eric Heimburg, who was Perpetual’s Lead Systems Designer on Star Trek Online back before that company folded, wrote a few points out to Cryptic / whoever might get the Star Trek MMO. With Cryptic’s STO launching just a few short months away in February 2010, I … Continue reading