The Laziest Star Trek Online Review EVAH.

It belongs to The Independent.

Screenshot of Perpetual's Star Trek Online. The only one they released, too.

Perptual's STO, which was cancelled. Not shown: Cryptic's STO, which just launched.

Let’s review the review (so it’s fair use for me c’n’p it below):

“The launch of a MMO is always beset with woes. Glitches, lags, server meltdowns and unfavourable comparisons to World of Warcraft tend to be the norm, and Star Trek Online is no exception. Despite the hiccups, though, there’s a lot to like – the character creator is good, the universe is huge and the geeky details are spoton. But with a game this vast, it’s almost impossible to judge how it will play out in the long term. One can only hope it will live long and prosper.”

So: MMOs have glitches at launch, good character creator, don’t know how the future will go, Star Trek reference. To call it threadbare is an understatement.

But the cherry on the cake of this review is that the sole image they used was the single space screenshot of STO released by Perpetual Studios, not Cryptic. So they didn’t even get the picture right.

What makes the use of that screenshot even funnier are claims that it itself was a faked image released by Perpetual. So it’s not just a wrong picture, it’s a wrong picture that is itself wrong. It’s wrong squared.

MMO reviews don’t have to be works of esteemed literary criticism, but if they appear in the press they shouldn’t have been thrown together in 10 minutes (and that might be generous) before home time.

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