What Does It Take to Get 600,000 Gamerscore From Achievements in One Month?

After one gamer achieved 132,000 Gamerscore in one month in 2020, then another gamer achieved over 500,000 Gamerscore in a month in 2021, I wondered what it would take to achieve 600,000 Gamerscore in a month. Turns out the costs are quite high in a number of ways!

This video took a lot longer to come out than anticipated. It was originally planned to come out in June, but I didn’t like the first version of the video so took a different approach in an updated version. Then I started to have audio problems (which I hope I’ve caught) that required a lot of extra work to iron out.

At this point I’m still working out my style, but I think the improvements can be seen in each video.

For those interested, here is the spreadsheet I did the calculations in.

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