The Many Mistakes of Overwatch

Overwatch was famously created out of the failure of Blizzard’s MMO Titan before becoming a huge success of its own. Since it’s launch there have been a number of ongoing decisions that have failed to live up to launch promises made by Blizzard, especially as Overwatch shifted its focus to esports and the Overwatch League. With Overwatch 2 (somewhere) on the horizon, it’s worth looking at some of the key areas where Overwatch let players down, and how those decisions don’t bode well for the launch of its sequel.

This video took a lot longer to come out as I started creating it in OpenShot, but had ongoing sound issues, so I decided to learn more about ShotCut and recreate it there. Then I discovered that my microphone – a cheap one I’d picked up to start off this whole YouTube content process – had broken at some point, so I had to buy a new microphone and re-record everything.

No, I don’t have a pop filter; why do you ask?

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