“Spellbreak” and the Problem of Mad Cuz Bad

In the highly competitive world of battle royale games, it can be hard to attract and keep players. Having a good new player experience is essential for titles if they want to survive.

Spellbreak has a bit of an issue here though – it puts early players up against bots, letting them win early on, before throwing them into battle against much more experienced players. Players who don’t find this progressive steamrolling fun are told to get gud, or that they are just mad cuz bad. Given that there isn’t much reward for spending time building up your Spellbreak skills, it isn’t surprising that this title has a player retention problem.

(I’ll note that allegedly there is a form of skill-based gating in that new players should only be put into games with experienced players after something like level 21, but as a new player that’s still a lot of leeway for me to get curb stomped.)

This video took longer to pull together than I thought – the final editing touches took much longer. I also tried doing more ‘cleaning’ of the audio to improve it, but I’m not 100% about how it turned out. Guess I’ll just aim to improve with every video.

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