“State of Decay” and the Monotony of the Apocalypse

There is a lot of media the shows off post-apocalyptic life as something exciting – those who survive get to learn new skills, discover things about themselves and maybe even score a new love interest or family. However, what it turned out that life after the end of the world was a bit, well, boring? “State of Decay” (plus the DLCs of “Breakdown” and “Lifeline”) give the opportunity to explore what comes after the end of the world – and it turns out to be a lot of searching through glowing shelves.

This is my first commentary style video, so I apologise for the rough edges. Also, it’s age restricted on account of in-game footage showing zombie heads exploding and zombie limbs flying around.

I’m aiming to get better over future content and – if the support is there – I promise that upgrading the audio quality will be my first priority. As a bit of background, I recorded this earlier in the year, but didn’t quite get around to finalising it until May, then procrastinated on the final touches until just now (which included a re-record of the voice over, but I’m not sure for much improvement). I may have over worked the script a bit – originally it was much longer, but I cut it back to try to make the video a more appealing length. This may have left some of the content not as well connected as I may have wanted, but at the same time, I’m probably too close to the video to see if it works or not! Anyway, time to release this to live and see what happens.

*Yes, I know I used ‘Breakdown’ footage while talking about the base game – it’s the same map and the bases are the same, so I didn’t think it made much of a difference.

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