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“Spellbreak” and the Problem of Mad Cuz Bad

“Spellbreak” and the Problem of Mad Cuz Bad

In the highly competitive world of battle royale games, it can be hard to attract and keep players. Having a good new player experience is essential for titles if they want to survive. Spellbreak has a bit of an issue here though – it puts early players up against bots, letting them win early on, … Continue reading

The Blue Water for Marvel Universe Online

The superhero MMO category is made up of City of Heroes / Villains, Champions Online and now DC Universe Online. Where should the next proposed contender (Super Hero Squad Online is aiming for a very different crowd), Marvel Universe Online, be looking for in terms of untapped spaces a.k.a. blue water? To do this let’s … Continue reading

The Brave, Brave Marketing Decisions of DCUO

A defining aspect of the superhero genre is bravery. The hero stands often outnumbered and outgunned, but is driven to do things to create a finer world. Regardless of what powers they have, the hero has bravery as a shield against doubt and as something that drives them forward. Inspired by this theme, Sony Online … Continue reading

DCUO: All Quiet On The Beta Front

DC Universe Online is set for a November 2 2010 launch date – exactly two months from today. Although you’ve been able to pre-order the game for a few weeks now, there is still no announcement of when any kind of public beta will be starting. Although it is concerning that some kind of public … Continue reading

APB: Well, Since Everyone Else Is Doing It…

The failure of All Points Bulletin is a current hot topic, especially since it looks to have pretty much destroyed the generally well-regarded developer Real Time Worlds. A great look at this toppling can be seen at GameBrief – the only thing that appears wrong are claims that APB only sold around 10k copies, whereas … Continue reading