DCUO: Madly Scrambling To Launch

On November 2, 2010, DC Universe Online is scheduled to launch. Public beta still hasn’t started and announcements of features being cut are starting to appear.

At the SOE Fan Faire, the DCUO panel revealed that DCUO is likely to launch with only six power types:

  • Ice and Fire are the ‘tanker’ powers.
  • Gadgets and Mental are the ‘controller’ powers.
  • Nature and Sorcery are the ‘healing’ powers.

Each power has two branches and all characters are DPS capable. There is a power type called Iconic that is available to all characters that holds powers everyone can choose.

Previously there had been announced a wider number of power types, including things like Light (as used by the Green Lantern), Earth, Atomic and Electricity, but as launch barrels down these are not yet “beta-ready”.

Also, with around 90 days left until launch, I shudder when I hear a company supposedly as experienced as SOE say that, “[Key] business decisions are still to be made.” I’m sorry, but at this point DCUO should be nailing down final details about gameplay and systems, not still awaiting public testing and announcing key changes quietly at fan functions.

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