DCUO Launch Cinematic – Yet Another Alien Invasion

I’ve got to admit I found the DCUO “Who Do You Trust?” cinematic engaging. Seeing Superman and Black Adam go at it was impressive and I always like seeing alternate versions of long-established characters.

However… DCUO makes this three from three superhero MMOs that make the Big Bad Threat at launch as an alien invasion.

  • City of Heroes had the Rikti invaders as the major threat the Earth had faced… and that they could come back at at any time.
  • Champions Online kicks things off with the Qulaar staging a shock assault on Earth. The Qulaar are looking to terraform Earth into something more their style.
  • And now, DCUO threatens the Brainiac Invasion.

I am fully aware that alien invasions happen twice monthly in comic book universes and are a staple of the genre. However, it’d be nice if someone had thought, “You know, let’s do something different for this MMO.” Let’s hope Superhero Squad is going to stick to Doctor Doom’s antics for the moment, rather than kicking things off with the Skrulls.

3 thoughts on “DCUO Launch Cinematic – Yet Another Alien Invasion

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