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DCUO Launch Cinematic – Yet Another Alien Invasion

I’ve got to admit I found the DCUO “Who Do You Trust?” cinematic engaging. Seeing Superman and Black Adam go at it was impressive and I always like seeing alternate versions of long-established characters. However… DCUO makes this three from three superhero MMOs that make the Big Bad Threat at launch as an alien invasion. … Continue reading

Super Hero Squad, The MMOCCG?

The first trailer for Marvel / Gazillion / Amazing Society-developed MMO Super Hero Squad is up and it definitely gives the impression of the core gaming mechanic being card-based. This makes sense given that every player will want an established IP character, which involves a lot of different Wolverines – everyone can have a Wolverine … Continue reading

Super Hero Squad MMO – First Teasers

After going quiet for a bit, the first snippets of info are starting to emerge about the Marvel / Gazillion / Amazing Society MMO for Super Hero Squad. The trailer is out tomorrow, with an accompanying press release trumpeting some very broad reasons why people would want to play it. The interesting thing in the … Continue reading