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Goodbye, Joker! An Issue With Big Name Voice Over Talent

Mark Hamill has officially called it a day on the Joker voice which is a role that he’s made his own for near on two decades. For people of a particular age / interest in Batman, his Joker voice is pretty much the definitive characterisation for the Clown Prince of Crime, first appearing in the … Continue reading

DCUO: Up, Up and Free-to-Play

As expected, Sony Online Entertainment have announced that DC Universe Online is going free-to-play (F2P). Starting in October – roughly 9 months following the subscription-based launch of DCUO – players can get back into Gotham and Metropolis with no money down. I could point and mock and make fun of some of the patently ridiculous … Continue reading

DCUO: The Power of The Green

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) had its fan gathering recently and used it (as they typically do) to announce new content and features to those in attendance. DC Universe Online got its own announcement – the Green Lantern-based “Fight for the Light” expansion, with new powers, new areas, new missions, new costumes and probably some other … Continue reading

It’s Been An Interesting Week

A number of things happened this week in the realm of superhero MMOs. Knowing how much I can write on about things, I’ll try to keep it brief. How Now, Mr Cao? Oh, so childish. But anyway: Chris Cao was rumoured to have left DC Universe Online on DCUO’s own forums, so it would have … Continue reading

SOE Back Up, But Don’t Tell Anyone

So, after being down for almost two weeks, Sony Online Entertainment is back up (in some places, anyway). After a lot of complaints about SOE’s ability to communicate with its customers, here’s a reassuring sign: SOE is bad in communicating with its staff too. I get why any relaunch was quiet: SOE doesn’t want a … Continue reading

The Very, Very Late 2010 MMO Recap (Part 2)

Part 1 is here, including a note about why April is the best time to review what happened about 16 months ago. July: Star Trek Online Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich leaves both the title and Cryptic Studios. Capcom’s Xbox Japan- and Xbox 360-only MMO Monster Hunter Frontier Online tops the sales charts in Japan. Activision … Continue reading