SOE Back Up, But Don’t Tell Anyone

So, after being down for almost two weeks, Sony Online Entertainment is back up (in some places, anyway). After a lot of complaints about SOE’s ability to communicate with its customers, here’s a reassuring sign: SOE is bad in communicating with its staff too.

SOE mod finds that the SOE network is back up via an SOE Facebook page

No-one gets any special treatment at SOE. Not even the people who work there.

I get why any relaunch was quiet: SOE doesn’t want a horde of players crashing the rebooting servers and breaking things. That said, if I were RadarX I’d be careful in suggesting that this was “a nice surprise” for players given what the last round of SOE surprises held.

2 thoughts on “SOE Back Up, But Don’t Tell Anyone

  1. Hmm. To be fair employees may have been instructed to check the Facebook page for updates and the team fixing the security may have been instructed to post to Facebook once the servers were back up. It’s a tech company, are you suggesting someone should have sat down and made hundreds of phone calls to staff?

    • I’d hope that SOE had an internal email / communication system of some kind. An intranet, if you will.

      Now, perhaps SOE’s intranet was down along with other systems, but nothing says uninformed like an employee who said, “I read that I need to go back to my job on Facebook!”.

      It also suggests that RadarX’s comments about how they used multiple channels to tell players the servers were back up could have possibly completely missed SOE employees.

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