Recreating the Curiosity Experience So That Future Generations May Truly Understand

1. Put some whale song on a loop in the background.

2. Click on the image below so that it becomes as big as possible on your screen (it will open a new window).

Blank white, but with Facebook access

Click it! Be curious, as Molyneux commands!

3. Stare at the image helplessly, using your fingers to touch the screen occasionally on the chance that something – anything – will happen this time.

4. Keep waiting. Something is bound to happen some time. It just has to.

5. Maybe if you leave it alone for a while, something will happen when you come back.

6. …

7. No, nothing happens. You touch the screen again a few times just in case. Wait, somethin– no, still nothing.

8. Maybe this was the REAL point of Curiosity? Yeah, that’s it – it’s Molyneux being all meta with his games, about how we’ll even watch a white, non-interactive screen if we think something might happen. But he said there’s a cube, he said there’s a centre with something life changing that only one person will see. Maybe you should try again.

9. Touch the screen with your fingers a few times more, just in case. Still nothing. Huh.

10. Repeat.

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