Great Moments in Online Game Advertising, Part 1

When it comes to the female form, I can safely say that I’m a fan. Not a face-painted, stripped-to-the-waist, half-drunk fan screaming “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBS!!!” because they just scored a goal, but more the quietly appreciative kind of fan. But there is a time and a place for T&A, with that time apparently being “any time we launch a new online game” and the place being “in your face, you desperate man-child”.


IMVU ad, with boobs ahoy

"Dress Up for Your Pimp" seems more accurate.

Allods ad, with lesbian fairies

Does Allods have stripping as a tradeskill?

War of 2010 ad, complete with lingerie models.

"In the Great War of 2012, all the clothing stores were destroyed, leaving us nothing but lingerie to prance around the wasteland in."

I get that sex sells and I get that it is hard to create an interesting image that might grab people’s attention, but throwing half-naked women in ads so that you’ve got a 50% chance of seeing soft core porn every time you visit an ad-funded MMO site gets tiring. And doesn’t help shed the industry of the image that the gaming market is populated by men so socially retarded that cartoon side-boob and hot pants are going to send players rabidly clicking on the ad.

Sadly, I’m sure it works too.

I don’t know what the alternative is. Some titles do try something different, but I’m not sure this works either:

Uncharted Waters Online testimonial

Well gee, if skyline43 is looking forward to Uncharted Waters Online, so should I! That d00d r0xx0rs!

3 thoughts on “Great Moments in Online Game Advertising, Part 1

  1. As someone who works in the online marketing/paid search field, I’m positive they get more clicks, but getting clicks is the easy part since all you really need is a big spending budget. I’m more interested in whether or not these clicks convert to real paying customers… and what the longevity is of these type of socially retarded man child that these ads target? I’m not sure if these companies are the type that care about diminishing returns from ad spend or they are the type that just spend to the break even point… or they don’t care at all and are just throwing money out. hmm

  2. Notice how all of the companies that use this advertising tactic tend to host half-baked, last-generation online video games. They need need to use desperate advertising campaigns in order to make sure people know that their game even exists, or to get people to play them. Or they could try to make better games. Enjoyable video games market themselves via the word of mouth of the players. The tiny budgets of these small time video game creators are no excuse either. It doesn’t take an army of developers to make a good game. Look at Tetris for example. It’s so simple, yet so addictive. Not to mention that making games as simple as Tetris is a far more promising and profitable buisness plan.

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