DCUO: So, Is A Guarantee Actually A Guarantee?

DCUO's pre-order text for PC and PS3

Let's hope that ticket isn't fool's gold for PS3 owners.

When Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) delayed DC Universe Online (DCUO) at the start of November, they threw out some bait to potential players: pre-order by November 15 and you were “guaranteed” beta access by November 30. Guarantee is a strong word to use in this context.

For PC players, the potential to meet this guarantee has been settled – DCUO’s PC beta has started. However, the PS3 beta hasn’t started. It’s been “soon” for a while now, with indications that it would come a week after the PC beta started. That didn’t happen. Instead, it appears that a number of PS3 pre-order customers have received PC codes in the interim, with the idea that once the PS3 beta starts, they’ll get the actual code. I don’t think this is particularly clever, even if it meets the word of the guarantee – if I’ve pre-ordered for the PS3, I want to play it on the PS3; my PC might not be able to run DCUO so having a code I can’t use is just adding insult to injury.

SOE is potentially facing a PS3 backlash unless the PS3 beta starts on November 30 and all those potential customers get their (correct system) codes. Which, in my time zone, is today. I’m curious to know what weight an SOE guarantee holds.

3 thoughts on “DCUO: So, Is A Guarantee Actually A Guarantee?

  1. I reserved my copy from Gamestops months ago. I scanned the reciept and sent it in to get into the beta, but that process sucked because there was no confirmation and I still have no beta key. Is there a way to find out?

  2. For PC or PS3?

    SOE’s just handled this really badly. How hard is it to send a confirmation email? Especially if, like SOE, you’ve done this kind of thing several times before.

    The best thing to try is to follow up with SOE support – hopefully you’ve got a Station account (or whatever SOE call it) that means you can use those CS services.

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