Mass Effect 2 Stats: Male Soldiers Dominate

Saw this interesting release from IGN and BioWare – it shows some of the stats collected on how Mass Effect 2 was played.

Mass Effect 2 stats summary

Honest to god I hope those 66 straight-playthrough people at least paused the game to take a nap.

I find it interesting because:

  • My personal experience is that it takes about 30 hours to complete a BioWare console game – Jade Empire and Mass Effect in my case. ME2 is on the horizon (although Dead Rising 2 will probably be bought first). In ME, my character was a male soldier because the soldier class was the easiest one to start out with and male was the quickest to launch into. I did play around with the character creation system, but the end result looked like he was suffering a chromosome deficiency.
  • The ‘80% play a male Shepard’ could be misleading since it doesn’t appear to account for multiple playthroughs. There would be some cases where people played both male and female Shepard on different play-throughs.

It’s good to see BioWare track this kind of information and use it to refine their products.

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