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Aren’t You A Clever Spambot?

I’ve had a couple comments recently that have a name that screams “spambot” but the comment has been mostly on target (gold price at the bottom here is the only one I approved). It looked like a real comment and I wanted to give the poster the benefit of the doubt… but a quick google … Continue reading

Lemony Snicket on Occupy Wall Street

Occasionally you come across writing that packs a lot into very little. Lemony Snicket’s “Thirteen Observations made by Lemony Snicket while watching Occupy Wall Street from a Discreet Distance” is an incredibly pointed and witty take on the OWS movement and reactions to it. Copied from the original just in case that disappears; all credit … Continue reading

Why I Like “Suits”

I almost didn’t watch “Suits” on the grounds that Gabriel Macht was so god awful in “The Spirit” (although, to be fair, so was everyone in that film). Glad I did though – it’s one of the few shows I actually tune in to watch each week (even if Channel 7 is doing to “Suits” … Continue reading