Spelunky: To Hell in Under 7 Minutes, Or Your Pizza’s Free

Inside a shop in Spelunky, wondering if it is worth the money to buy a Chippendale.

Everyone loves white slavery. (Image Source: Pentadact)

Occasionally I play Spelunky. It’s a game that I still have yet to finish, which irks me because I like to finish the games I start, but Spelunky has killed me every time before the ending. I’ve reached Olmec, the ‘official’ final boss of the game, but haven’t gotten past him.

Which is where videos such as the following serve as both a taunt and as a guide to things I may never see by myself. The video shows Spelunky finished in under 7 minutes and also managed to finish the Hell levels, which require collecting a lot of ‘secret’ items like the Ankh. Given that the levels in Spelunky are randomised every time it isn’t possible to copy what this player has done exactly, but it’s something to see what is possible.

Right now I’m on Mass Effect 3, but one day Spelunky… one day…

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