The Trials of UnSub: Love

Hell, with a title like that this post could be about 1000% more emo than it is going to be!

Instead, I’m talking about Love, the one-man developed MMO with odd graphics and the ability to alter the landscape. I believe that if you want innovation in online games, you aren’t really going to find it in AAA titles – to find things that will push things forward, you have to look at the independent titles. That’s where the new frontiers will be explored.

Plus, y’know, Love had a free weekend, which helps.

A screenshot of Love.

Had to use someone else's screenshot of Love since none of mine worked.

However, my experience was:

  1. Download and log in – pretty easy and a good start.
  2. Start playing. Find players yelling at each other for ruining the base and deleting the wrong bits of land.
  3. Find the tutorial less than helpful. It seemed to tell me things that I couldn’t do – point at the object and press ‘3’. Did it work? I don’t know!
  4. Players keep yelling at each other.
  5. Fall to my death in the water.
  6. Respawn. Apparently the AI had gone rogue and destroyed a lot of land / bridges and the server needed to be reset. Don’t know if it was true or not, but whoever said it had more confidence than anyone else and that’s what carries you through.
  7. Click on some land and destroy it a bit. Can’t find the ability to build up land.
  8. Try to jump from pillar to pillar to see more of the world.
  9. Fall to my death in the water.
  10. Log out.

Summary: Love-d the idea, had no idea what to do when I started, no saviour on the horizon, the end. Hope it does what the developer wants it to do, but there really needs to be some better hand holding and teaching of new players (and ‘VOIP the community’ doesn’t count in my book).

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