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The Trials of UnSub: Super Hero Squad Online

Gazillion continues to confuse me. According to some sources SHSO has officially launched and is now taking player money, but there is no big announcement of launch on either publisher Gazillion’s main site or on developer The Amazing Society’s site (but go look at The Amazing Society’s site, because it has a very clever home … Continue reading

The Trials of UnSub: Realm of the Mad God

Browser-based MMOs don’t get that much respect, often seen as the poorer, weaker, simpler cousins of client-based MMOs. In many cases they are, but with that simplicity comes the ability to experiment more because mistakes might only cost a few thousand dollars compared to the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars required to … Continue reading

The Trials of UnSub: Love

Hell, with a title like that this post could be about 1000% more emo than it is going to be! Instead, I’m talking about Love, the one-man developed MMO with odd graphics and the ability to alter the landscape. I believe that if you want innovation in online games, you aren’t really going to find … Continue reading

The Trials of UnSub: Club Penguin

When Disney bought Club Penguin in 2007 for a deal worth US$700m, a lot of MMO players were confused. Club Penguin was a kids’ game and it was really simple. Sure, the game had 12 million registered accounts at the time, but it wasn’t even a real MMO! As time has gone on, however, there … Continue reading