DCUO Announces November 2010 Launch

When I said the other dayunless [DC Universe Online] is planning to start beta in July and launch in December – that’d be a rush – a launch before 2011 is unlikely“, I didn’t mean it as a challenge. However, in the final seconds of a recent video, Jens Anderson announced a November 2010 release date for DCUO on both the PC and PS3.

More info and new game footage to come out of E3 2010, but it’s interesting that a release date has been set before there has been any sort of large (or even small) scale public testing. Especially from SOE, who have theoretically done this before.

2 thoughts on “DCUO Announces November 2010 Launch

  1. I guarantee you, somewhere in an exec suite at SOE, the accountants finally won.

    Total cost to develop so far = X

    Number of subscribers needed to recoup said costs in a reasonable time frame (say, inside five years) = Y

    (some complicated maths later)

    “You ship this November. Doesn’t matter if it’s half-done; just ship it.”

  2. It’s easy to blame the accountants, but SOE and WB would have poured quite a bit of money in it over the 5 years of its development.

    Everyone involved in DCUO on SOE’s side has some game development experience, if not MMO development experience. If DCUO is delivered sub-standard it will be the devs who deserve most of the responsibility. That they are treating the beta as a foregone conclusion is a concern.

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