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No More Heroes (Or Villains)

Having followed City of Heroes since about September 2001 when it was first announced, through the Great Forum Communication Blackout of 2003, through CoH’s beta and launch in 2004, through City of Villains’ launch in 2006, through multiple free issues, through multiple paid booster packs, through 75 months worth of veteran badges, through a change … Continue reading

DCUO: All Quiet On The Beta Front

DC Universe Online is set for a November 2 2010 launch date – exactly two months from today. Although you’ve been able to pre-order the game for a few weeks now, there is still no announcement of when any kind of public beta will be starting. Although it is concerning that some kind of public … Continue reading

How Many Players Does Aion Have Anyway?

As a point of comparison to CoH/V the other day, Aion earned 89 846 million Won in Q4 2009. Doing the same kind of calculation – converting Won to $US ($76.9m) using an end-of-period exchange rate, dividing that number by $15 a month x 3 for the quarter (so $45) – you end up with … Continue reading