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New Blogger Initiative (#MMONBI) – Fear The Power of Syp!

In the past month: Dominus closed EA BioWare laid off a lot of people from Star Wars: The Old Republic 38 Studios imploded Fallen Earth was cut back to bare bones staffing numbers The Secret World delayed its launch Some may see the above as just the culmination of a number of bad things happening … Continue reading

Why Marvel Studios Needs to Pay Up

I like superhero films. As such, I definitely appreciate that the genre is going through a good patch where budgets allow for some pretty impressive representations of what happens on the page. A sign of this change in focus has been the creation of Marvel Studios – for years Marvel was content to sell their … Continue reading

The (Near) Future for Paragon Studios

Given the current state of CoH/V, what does the future hold for Paragon Studios? A few things, but some haven’t been as discussed as others. Not The Sarah Palin Book Or Gay Slang The obvious ones to mention are Issue 17: Dark Mirror and Going Rogue. The Dual Pistols powerset is going through an open … Continue reading