Rumour: Slighted Nerd Claims Cryptic Doing Godzilla MMO

A post on the City of Heroes / Villains forums by an angry nerd, slighted by not winning a Twitter competition HE RIGHTFULLY WON, hints that one of Cryptic’s unannounced MMOs is going to be a Gozilla / giant monsters MMO. Being coy, they don’t want to say outright (because threats help you get what you want, don’t you know) but this image was included:

Private eyes / are watching you.

Private eyes / are watching you.

I know I’ve seen that image before and I think it is linked to an RPG of some sort. Others have indicated it links to Godzilla, so a kaiju-flavoured MMO could be possible.

“Hang on,” I hear you think. “It’s an angry nerd on the internet. If we stopped to listen to everything they had to say we’d have no time to follow important Twitter commentary.” True.

What gives this the slightest semblance of credibility is that Cryptic’s Chief Creative Officer Jack Emmert has already commented on his interest in doing a Godzilla / giant monster MMO. At the time it was seen as an off-hand comment, as was his comment about wanting to do a Dungeons & Dragons MMO. Since then, however, Cryptic has been rumoured to be developing a Neverwinter Nights MMO and Turbine has launched legal action against Atari around the potential breach of licensing agreement around the Atari / Turbine Dungeons & Dragons Online title. So, that’s one half of Emmert’s off-hand comments that appear to have some further weight than initial appearances indicated.

Could the other half? Could Cryptic be working on a kaiju MMO? We’ll see.

3 thoughts on “Rumour: Slighted Nerd Claims Cryptic Doing Godzilla MMO

  1. Well, I always thought that A Giant monster MMO would be cool. I mean just imagine you could customize you own Giant monster, then They could start you off by having you thaw out of an Iceberg, You swim to the near by beach, and start stomping, and eating the surfers to gain strength before you start your bloody path too the City.. >:)

    I have my fingers crossed that this isnt just a rumour..

  2. a will back i sent a e-mail to cryptic asking them to make a kaiju mmo and they sent back saying that they would think about it

  3. Cryptic have been out and about for a while looking at nerd IPs to convert to MMOs – for instance, they were trying for the Warhammer 40K MMO before it went to Vigil.

    So I won’t be surprised if a kaiju-based Cryptic MMO comes out.

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