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Kickstander: When the Numbers Don’t Add Up

Kickstander: When the Numbers Don’t Add Up

I have worked my way through a lot of Kickstarter pages. To date I’ve come across a few cancelled projects, a few dodgy projects but to date I don’t think I’ve come across a project that’s made me go, “Huh? Wha?”. At least, until now. Continue reading

Ouya: Outcast

Oh, a ‘new’ kind of console that is being made by a start-up and is aiming to tie mobile Android gaming to a television? And you want a lot of people to gift you money to make it happen? Why? Continue reading

Path Finding and Kick Starting

As previously discussed, I’m fairly cynical of Kickstarter for video game development. Backers see it as supporting something they are interested in; I see it as companies leveraging off their previous reputation and gamer hope to get money gifted to them. Because that’s what the money is: a gift. Once the pledge target is met … Continue reading

A Study in Intolerance

After years of knowing this, deep down inside, I can finally admit it: I am deeply, deeply intolerant. This intolerance manifests itself in feelings of anger, frustration and the urge to physically show these people how wrong they are. I even have a name for this intolerance (that I just made up): ludoineptiophobia. Fear of … Continue reading