A Study in Intolerance

After years of knowing this, deep down inside, I can finally admit it: I am deeply, deeply intolerant.

This intolerance manifests itself in feelings of anger, frustration and the urge to physically show these people how wrong they are.

Alpine Racer 2

"It's a simple concept - down the hill as fast as you can! Not crash into the barriers! AHHHH! Another crash! You completely SUCK at this! ... please stop crying..."

I even have a name for this intolerance (that I just made up): ludoineptiophobia. Fear of watching others play video games badly or with little skill.

I know this after an evening at a child-friendly restaurant watching kids continually crash into the barriers again and again and again playing Alpine Racer 2 or fail to even get past the first few waves of enemies in 1942. By the end of it I was very close to screaming, “THAT’S NOT HOW YOU FUCKING DO IT! SCRAM!” and taking over… but I’m sure their parents would have looked at me funny.

2 thoughts on “A Study in Intolerance

  1. I think there’s an allied condition: pseudoludineptiophobia. That’s where you rage at people for the way they play a game you believe you have mastered but you haven’t. I met a lot of people suffering from this ailment in WoW.

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