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An Open Letter To WBIE re. Mortal Kombat

Dear Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, I have noted with interest your reactions to the recent news that Mortal Kombat has been refused classification in Australia. It probably wasn’t a surprise to you in the slightest; there was a pretty high potential for a game with slo-mo bone breaking and a focus on brutal finishing moves … Continue reading

The World Turns for Kevin Smith

Popular nerd-director-slacker Kevin Smith is famous for some of his anecdotes about the making of films in Hollywood, including the story of his battle with Jon Peters around the script of Superman Lives. Peters wanted many odd inclusions to the script, including the demand that Superman not appear in the suit, not fly and fight … Continue reading

Google Tells Us What’s Important

So, I wanted to confirm my knowledge that the average human body temperature is 37C. Hello Google shortcut bar in Firefox. I typed “average” into the shortcut bar and let the suggested options appear. Guess what the first one was. ‘average penile length’ Second? ‘average iq’ Good to know that apparently those who fall short … Continue reading