The Existential Horror of Being a MMO Character

Hey everyone, it's Juiblex, the Faceless Lord!

Existential horror is just too hard to fight off with swords – adventurers prefer their horrors to be more tangible. (Picture from

It must really suck to be an avatar in a MMO.

You kill stuff and pick up the loot it drops. If you die, you pop back up somewhere else until you’re ready to kill stuff for its loot again. The world barely changes year-in, year-out. Your lore might have gods and legends, but they really don’t count for much because they generally don’t help you kill stuff, or are a flimsy excuse for where the loot is buried.

Or so outlines the world of Penultimate Quest, a comic by Lars Brown. Kinda. There’s only really one direct MMO mention I can see, but in a world where the dungeon the adventurers enter might go down into infinity and the characters don’t notice the passing of time between adventures (and a lot of time passes) there’s certainly some MMO parallels going on there.

Penultimate Quest is worth having a look at, and probably won’t take you too long to read through the existing chapters.

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