This Is Your Console; Her Name Is Charlene

A Playstation Vita ad from France showing a woman with four breasts. The tagline is: "Touch both sides. Twice the sensations."

This was the previous time that using a Playstation product was compared to playing with breasts.

Just to genderflip Ben Kuchera’s (PA Report) weird way to praise the Playstation 4 controller:

“It felt almost too good, like I was holding something illicit. I was afraid it would be taken away. It felt like the first time I touched a [boy’s penis] in the backseat of a car with fogged up windows, scared that [his] parents were going to fling the door open and start yelling at me. I wanted to grab the controller and run. I wanted to nuzzle it against my face and ask it who is a good controller? Who is a good controller?

You’re a good controller, you sexy thing, you.”

Can we please move past comparing video game experiences to having relationships, a specific gender and even having sex? Please? It’s not funny; it’s just sad.

It also helps reinforce the entire notion that video gaming is a male experience – IT WAS LIKE TOUCHING BOOBZ has a particular target market appeal and women don’t make up a particularly large portion of that audience.

That Kuchera later on compares the experience of playing with the PS4 controller as not too far off feeling his unborn child kick for the first time is also… curious.

(Kuchera has indicated that to a degree the post was linkbait, so mission accomplished there.)

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