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Point / Counterpoint: The DC Comics Reboot Circa 2011

For those who don’t know, DC Comics is rebooting their entire universe. Again. Lots of characters are getting new costumes. Point: “I understand that there is an editorial edict for the DC Comics superlaunch that their female superheroes wear more… practical clothing. So Wonder Woman gets to keep her trousers. But the likes of Supergirl … Continue reading

The World Turns for Kevin Smith

Popular nerd-director-slacker Kevin Smith is famous for some of his anecdotes about the making of films in Hollywood, including the story of his battle with Jon Peters around the script of Superman Lives. Peters wanted many odd inclusions to the script, including the demand that Superman not appear in the suit, not fly and fight … Continue reading

DCUO: Countdown to Crisis

I’m going to start 2011 the way I ended 2010: publicly wondering what is going on at Sony Online Entertainment with DC Universe Online. SOE looked to be in a pretty good place to develop DCUO – they had a larger IP than its competitors in City of Heroes / Villains and Champions Online, it … Continue reading

Bye Bye Wildstorm

I started reading comics around the time that Image Comics launched. Accepting all the criticism around Image, it has to be recognised that as a studio they injected some dynamic competition into a comics industry dominated by DC and Marvel. Over time Image has fractured into various offshoots, with the one I was most interested … Continue reading

Why Marvel Studios Needs to Pay Up

I like superhero films. As such, I definitely appreciate that the genre is going through a good patch where budgets allow for some pretty impressive representations of what happens on the page. A sign of this change in focus has been the creation of Marvel Studios – for years Marvel was content to sell their … Continue reading

Super Hero Squad, The MMOCCG?

The first trailer for Marvel / Gazillion / Amazing Society-developed MMO Super Hero Squad is up and it definitely gives the impression of the core gaming mechanic being card-based. This makes sense given that every player will want an established IP character, which involves a lot of different Wolverines – everyone can have a Wolverine … Continue reading