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Comic Book MMOs Do Work, So NYYAHHH To You!

We Fly Spitfires has posted up a list of reasons why comic book MMOs don’t work in his opinion. Sharpened by years of arguing these points on various superhero MMO sites, let’s cover them off. I Want To Be Batman This is a pretty old chestnut – the idea that it only worth being a … Continue reading

Super Hero Squad MMO – First Teasers

After going quiet for a bit, the first snippets of info are starting to emerge about the Marvel / Gazillion / Amazing Society MMO for Super Hero Squad. The trailer is out tomorrow, with an accompanying press release trumpeting some very broad reasons why people would want to play it. The interesting thing in the … Continue reading

Trivial Things I Hope Don’t Happen In 2010

Star Trek Online launches too early. I know I’m going to be disappointed here. Cryptic Studios announces another title in development. Seriously, work with the ones you’ve got for 12 months. The “Barbarella” remake happens. Dear me, but I HATE that movie so much. “Iron Man 2” isn’t as good as the first one. It … Continue reading