Wizardry Online: Permadeath In All Things, Especially Launch

It's the race selection screen from Wizardry Online.

“No, no – we’re fine here. We can wait. We’d hate for too many players to get interested in this title.”

Imagine, if you will, a new MMO from a major MMO publisher that launches and within 48 hours is pulled off Steam, the largest PC digital distribution platform / retailer there is.

If anyone noticed, you might say it was a bit of a debacle. Fortunately when Sony Online Entertainment pulled Wizardry Online off Steam to deal with “current issues“, not many people noticed. As of right now, it doesn’t appear to be back on Steam, which is roughly 2 weeks post-launch – clicking the link takes you to a standard Steam welcome page.

When SOE said Wizardry Online was hardcore, they really meant it. Again it reinforces to me that, like with Bullet Run, SOE probably isn’t trying its hardest to get this title to succeed when it has its own MMO of similar ilk on the way.

(You can download the client directly from the title’s website, but removing it from Steam would certainly slow down a proportion of new players from signing up.)

8 thoughts on “Wizardry Online: Permadeath In All Things, Especially Launch

  1. I think it has bigger problems.

    I got to the first room in the first dungeon and got ganked by a higher level Rogue. Logged out and haven’t played since.

    I don’t mind ship loss in Eve but this game brutalises you well before you acquire any traction.

    • I agree that WO has lots of problems and it’s another title that gets a lot of attention for being HARDCORE but then very few players show up to take part.

      No-one really cares about this title, least of all SOE.

    • Uhh…

      Absolute hogwash… Especially considering that your character is protected for the first seven levels of the game.

      Sorry – nice try.

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