RIFT vs DCUO: The Little Things

I noted a while back that DC Universe Online’s uninstaller program didn’t work properly for some users and now, interestingly enough, it turns out that RIFT’s uninstaller program may delete more files than it should. This is a Bad Thing. What’s interesting is how both companies handled it.

Sony Online Entertainment originally came back with the message that a “broken uninstaller is a forgivable and understandable over-sight” when queried on the issue, followed later by a better apology. However, to my knowledge there was never any action to actually fix the issue for beta players – no patch was released to fix this issue because in order to get patches outside of the beta, you needed buy DCUO.

Trion Worlds, by comparison, send out an email with a warning on the issue – despite it only impacting on a small number of players – and released a patch as well that would fix the problem. You didn’t need to buy the game to get the patch, either.

There is a difference in scope here: DCUO just didn’t uninstall properly, while RIFT could actually delete what it shouldn’t. However, one company actually did something proactive; the other sat back and was passive on the whole affair.

It’s the little things that count the most.

(I beta tested RIFT and as my character was jogging up yet another hill thinking to myself, “I really miss superleap”. Travel powers have ruined me for non-superhero MMOs.)

One thought on “RIFT vs DCUO: The Little Things

  1. Id rather the one that didnt uninstall properly to be honest. They are both pretty crap games though so they best get those uninstallers working. Rift players will be using it in droves in the next couple of weeks 😉

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