Deadlands MMO Dead, But We Might Get A Video Out Of It

During an interview at GenCon, Pinnacle Game’s Shane Hensley briefly discusses the now dead Deadlands MMO that he was working on as part of FireSky’s Superstition Studios. It’s in the podcast from about 21:53 and lasts about a minute.

In brief, Shane indicates the collapse of Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment / FireSky (although he doesn’t name them) meant that the development is cancelled, although he might put a video up to show what nearly four years of work had actually produced. Also, he went unpaid by CME “for six or seven months” and that it was his tabletop / pen-and-paper revenue that covered the bills.

Pity – I was looking forward to at least seeing a Deadlands MMO in action. Now, where’s that video, Shane?

One thought on “Deadlands MMO Dead, But We Might Get A Video Out Of It

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