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Deadlands MMO – The Video (The Sequels)

If only I’d waited! Shane Hensley has posted up other Deadlands MMO videos. First is Blackhills, which saw a change in graphics and move towards an FPS: The final video was from 2009 and showed a greater movement towards turning Deadlands into a more FPS, less hotbar dependent title: It still all looks very rough, … Continue reading

Deadlands MMO Dead, But We Might Get A Video Out Of It

During an interview at GenCon, Pinnacle Game’s Shane Hensley briefly discusses the now dead Deadlands MMO that he was working on as part of FireSky’s Superstition Studios. It’s in the podcast from about 21:53 and lasts about a minute. In brief, Shane indicates the collapse of Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment / FireSky (although he doesn’t name … Continue reading