Death and Rebirth… Of Sorts: Stargate: Worlds and APB

Stargate: Worlds looks to be properly dead at this point – although Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment may have won back the right to work on it among the mess that company and its offpspring are, MGM have pulled the Stargate license from them. MGM have also gone bankrupt, making any kind of re-licensing of said IP that much harder. And they probably wouldn’t give it back to CME anyway, given all the issues that studio has had.

All Points Bulletin makes a bit of a surprise return with the probably-true reveal that APB has been bought by K2 Networks for around US$2.5m. Given how it Realtime Worlds burned over US$100m in getting APB to market (including the development of a second title, admittedly) it is very interesting how little K2 ended up paying for it.

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