DCUO Beta: No Guarantees for Europe

DCUO Beta Key information

Can you see "Only applies to North American preorders" anywhere? I can't.

DCUO’s big current push is their just launched beta and the offer that all those who preorder the title by November 15 are guaranteed beta access by November 30. Tying beta access to the preorder strikes me as a cynical way of pumping up preorder numbers, which can in turn be used promote how popular the title is.

However, that’s not the info I want to put across today – I’m here to highlight some small print. The guaranteed access to the DCUO beta by November 30 if you preorder by November 15 ONLY applies to North American customers. People outside of North America who preorder – and it isn’t clear what happens if someone outside of North American preorders through a NA supplier – are NOT guaranteed access to beta by November 30.

Now, the reasons why this is haven’t been made clear, SOE can’t make this offer outside of NA. Putting aside any commentary on that issue, what I absolutely will criticise is that lack of clarity on the official beta site that says this is the case. This limitation is stated in SOE’s press release that DCUO was going to be delayed, but this distinction hasn’t made its way over to the actual beta key sign-up page. At best, this is a misleading accidental omission that SOE really should clear up on that page.

If you live outside of North America and wish to preorder DCUO, please do so, just do it in the knowledge that you won’t be guaranteed beta access in November 2010.

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