Cryptic Launches Neverwinter, The Non-MMO

One of the worst kept MMO secrets has finally been put out into the open: Cryptic has announced Neverwinter. Not Neverwinter Online (although the acronym NO would have been an interesting choice), but just… Neverwinter. It’s going to be a non-MMO called an online multiplayer game (or OMG, which is just a disgrace) with the focus on instanced environments – something that Cryptic is pretty familiar with.

Anyway, it looks like there are 5 classes for launch and the focus will be on letting players generate in-game content from a very early stage. In that way, Cryptic appears to be thinking of the Neverwinter Nights Toolset that was linked to BioWare’s NWN title.

Launch is planned for Q4 2011. Personally I think the MMO genre needs another fantasy title like it needs another massive studio failure, but Cryptic does seem to be, at this early stage, trying something a bit different.

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